Huawei Ethiopia holds the second annual handshaking forum, a program which has
made its aim at promoting jobs to graduate students. The event was held today in
collaboration with Addis Ababa University at 6 kilo campus. Huawei has a long-standing
commitment to train and certify new graduates and equip them with the latest trends in
the telecommunication industry such as Datacom, Artificial Intelligence, Storage, LTE,
Bigdata, wireless LAN and other more.
Huawei intends to collect more than 500 resumes from new graduates from different universities
across Ethiopia. Last year’s Forum, generated more than 600 resumes from science, engineering,
math, and ICT professionals were collected and distributed to its partners based on their consent,
to be recruited for potential job opportunities. Huawei is working in collaboration with Ethiopian
Ministry of Education and has opened an ICT academy in 42 private and government
The telecom giant also organizes internship programs for students. The internships last for three-
month internship with the aim of giving chance to new graduates at its Ethiopian head office.
During their stay, new graduates acquire work experience, familiarize themselves with the work
environment, and learn work discipline. Huawei offered internships to over 250 new graduates
and hired more than 200 in the previous fiscal year. In the current calendar year, the company
plans to accept up to 300 new graduates.
Speaking at the forum held today, Huawei Northern Region PR director Ye Liming said
“Huawei Handshaking forum enables new graduates and potential employers to meet in one
place to practice better recruiting experience.” He also advised ICT and engineering students to
attend the Huawei ICT academy courses and become internationally certified professionals.
Huawei has opened Huawei ICT Academy in more than 42 Higher education Institutions located
in different parts of Ethiopia. This year, more than 100 students got certified in Huawei ICT
Certification. There are 1159 certified professionals; also, over 4395 students registered and
associated to Huawei ICT academies. More than half of them are active and attend online and
onsite classes.
Huawei will continue to bring innovative ICT solutions to Ethiopia; actively promote the
development of the ICT industry in the country, and jointly develop with local partners to build a
fully connected Intelligent World.

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