The Developmental bank of Ethiopian has launched the 3 rd round of technical training for small
and medium enterprises. The session, launched in partnership with the World Bank, is scheduled
to train 34,000 prospective entrepreneurs in 20 cities and 35 training centers. The program is
held regularly but the current round is the biggest of all the training rounds held till now,
showing a 10 fold increment in the number of participants.
It is also the most diverse training held with trainees hailing from multiple educational and social
backgrounds. Over the previous rounds, a total of 5,100 trainees were trained, out of which 1,200
enterprises started successful businesses which represents 20% of the total trainee organizations.
A total of 14 billion ETB worth of loan has been prepared to be disbursed to the enterprises
engaged in various sectors.
Speaking at the launching event held today, Tegegnewerk Getu, Directors’ Board General of
Developmental bank of Ethiopia, stressed that the technical training is helpful and vital in import
substitution and securing much needed foreign currency. The Ethiopian Industry Minister,
Melaku Alebel, also added that this training goes hand in hand with the “Let Ethiopia Produce”
national movement. The movement, which is a part of the 10-year development plan for the
industry sector, is planned to tackle the challenges that producers at all levels confront during the
manufacturing process, and increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP. 
The 3 rd round of DBE’s training for entrepreneurs is majorly focused on the key priority sectors
of the Ethiopian economy namely; manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and mining. It is part of
the strategic reform plan devised by developmental bank of Ethiopia and thus includes technical
support and loan provision for local enterprises.
The 5 day long training focuses on key organizational concepts such as marketing, human
resources, finance and other related trainings essential for technical effectiveness of an
enterprise. Through such trainings and loan incentives the developmental bank of Ethiopia
strives to fulfill local demand for commodities and develop enterprises that will eventually join
the global market.
The Developmental Bank of Ethiopia is the first and only policy bank of Ethiopia with over 114
years of experience. Established to be primarily involved in lease finance, the bank has a major
contribution in Ethiopian economic transformation plans.

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