The pioneering Ethiopian telecommunications service provider Ethio telecom, has been
introducing latest technologies to its customers in an effort to connect Ethiopia with the future
and the latest trends of technological advancements. Since its establishment the Ethiopian
telecom giant, has made it its mission to support socio economic development of Ethiopia by
playing enabling role in the overall development of the nation in all-weathers.
As such, it is fully committed to meet governmental digital policies and agendas. To this end,
Ethiotelecom has been expanding its 3G and 4G networks throughout the nation effectively
achieving 97% telecom services coverage, densifying the network and upgrading the earlier
technologies to the latest ones. In addition to the network expansion, introduction a variety of
products and services including digital services have been the focus areas of the company .
As an extension of its efforts of enhancing and modernizing various telecom services,
Ethiotelecom has announced the launching of its pre-commercial 5G service in Addis Ababa in
selected six mobile stations. The fifth generation network (5G) characterized by the fastest
speed (up to10 Gbs), low latency (less than 1 ms) and massive communication capability (up to
1 Million connections within 1 km 2 ), can unlock blazing fast speeds in more places, real-time
responses and massive connectivity.
With the unique features of the 5G service such as high speeds, superior reliability and
negligible latency, it will impact industries such as mission critical services requiring real time
decisions, Manufacturing plants, remote Health care, precision Agriculture, self-driving
vehicles, IoT, real-time operations making them all a reality.
As part of the pre-commercial trial service, Ethiotelecom has begun its service in the Capital
and is set to expand its footprint to regional cities up to 150 sites over the coming 12 months.
However, the full scale commercialization of the service is still contingent on the readiness and
demand from the players in the ecosystem: customers’ readiness to use the service, availability
of 5G enabled devices and Smartphones, the need and readiness of enterprises to use the
This 5G service will provide our customers with best-in-class solutions, improve their
experience and allow our enterprise customers to boost productivity, enhance operational
efficiency, and introduce new solutions to their customers.

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