Tiggo 8 Pro

Chery has been up to world leading standards in the engine field after 22 years of forward development. With outstanding performance, reliability and economy, the 1.6TGDI engine, a powerful China Heart engine powering Tiggo 8 Pro, is comparable to key joint venture and luxury brands. Remarkable, Chery is about to roll out its next generation China Heart engine which will be more powerful.

The grant of the Annual Innovation Award to Tiggo 8 Pro is a reflection of Chery’s innovation strength and an epitome of China’s manufacturing strength. Chery has aspired to build a globally competitive brand over the 24 years. At the critical period for the transformation of China’s auto industry, Chery will continue to uphold the strategy of Technology Chery, master core technologies, and accelerate the intelligentization, networking, electrification and sharing of products, to help China’s auto industry achieve a historic leap.

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