Commercial bank of Ethiopia held a press-conference for its 80th anniversary and its newest headquarters building today. The headquarters building will be the 3rd largest building in Africa and the largest in east Africa. Standing at 209.15 meters and encompassing 53 floors, the building is one of akind in its unique design mimicking the shape of African diamond which represents strength and quality of CBE’s excellence over its 80 years of journey. The building consists of a tower, commercial and conference centers and was designed to provide sightseeing, restaurants, trading areas and conferences besides office rooms.

The bank will also be celebrating its 80th birthday on February 13, 2022. Established in 1942 with a capital of 1 million Maria Theresa Thaler, it had 43employees and 2 branches. It served both as a commercial and a national bank before being a fully commercial state-owned bank after 20 years of operation. In 1974, its capital grew to 48.1 million ETB and the number of branches reached 93. Between 1975 and 1980 it incorporated the private owned Addis bank (merger of Banco di Roma and Banco Di Napoli). In the subsequent years, CBE automated teller machines in Ethiopia and in 2012 launched core banking system. After years of serving the commercial industry it will now be celebrating its 80th anniversary.

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