EthioTelecom presented its annual business performance report for the Ethiopian fiscal year of
2014 at a press-conference held today. Cognizant of the relevance and multiple active role Ethio
telecom has in our country’s overall progress and prosperity, the national telecom giant has been
undertaking a wide range of projects and operations to expand telecom infrastructures and
systems, improve the quality of service and increase the outreach of benefits to the community.
Ethio telecom commenced the budget year with the implementation of its three years BRIDGE
growth strategy along with the 2021/22 yearly plan to realize its aspiration to become a preferred
telecom operator among customers and partners. In this budget year, it has garnered a total of
61.3 Billion ETB revenue, which is 87.6% of the target and 8.5% increment from the previous
budget year.
The revenue share when described in terms of service types show 51% share for mobile voice,
27% for data & internet, 10% for international business and 5.7% for value added services and
6.6% for other services. During the fiscal year, 146.6 Million USD was generated in foreign
currency scoring 82.3% of the target. In addition to expanding its revenue streams, Ethio telecom
has devised a cost optimization strategy (DO2SAVE) and managed to save over 5.4 Billion ETB
within the year. The total number subscribers reached 66.59 Million achieving 104% of the
subscriber base target and an increase of 18.4% from the previous budget year similar period.
Mobile voice subscribers reached 64.5 Million, Data and Internet users 26.1 Million, Fixed
Services 885.3K and Fixed Broadband subscribers reached 506.8K. Telecom density has reached
Currently, it is running a total of 217 projects on infrastructure and system capacity expansions
and enhancements aiming to boost network coverage capacity and quality of services out of
which the expansion of 4G/LTE was completed and the service is already launched in 136 cities.
The Mobile Money business “telebirr” introduced with the aim of meeting the country’s growing
demand for digital financial services, has shown a tremendous growth surpassing the industries’
trend by acquiring more than 21.8 Million subscribers within short period of time, with a total
transaction value of ETB 30.3 Billion.
Among the challenges the company faced during the period, the crisis in the North region as well
as in some other parts of the country have resulted in service outage, infrastructure damage,
compromised project execution, COVID- 19, supply chain, increasing operational costs and
revenue impacts. In addition, fiber and copper cable vandalism, commercial power acquisition
delay and power interruption were among the main challenges. In summary, Ethio telecom’s
annual performance for the 2021/22 budget year can be deemed as remarkable with the plethora
of challenges it faced due to security issues in some part of our country. As the CEO, Frehiwot
Tamiru, explained this achievement was only made possible because of the commitment of the
company’s leadership and employees to make Ethio telecom a preferred operator on top of
running the business, the leadership team’s stamina and concerted effort in managing the
operation and projects.

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