Huawei ICT competition provides an international exposure

[Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 29, 2023] Huawei Ethiopia organized today the ICT competition winners award ceremony with the objectives of recognizing the 7th Huawei ICT Competition winner students and motivating others. Huawei ICT Competition for 2023–2024 is also launched.

Huawei Technologies has been running the 7th Huawei ICT Competition 2023 in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, which has attracted over 1500 university students.

Dr. Solomon Abraha, ministry of Education, CEO governance and infrastructure awarded 18 students at the ceremony. Nine global final competition winners received Huawei tablets, while the rest of the regional competition winners received Huawei armbands.

Dr. Solomon, stated during the prize ceremony that the “Huawei ICT Competition gives Ethiopian students international exposure.” ICT competitions, according to the  CEO, can be a terrific method for university students to develop their ICT knowledge and skills while also gaining useful experience and exposure. He also noted that the ministry of education prioritizes the improvement of ICT education. Dr. Solomon appreciates Huawei for hosting such an international competition. “If you are a university student interested in ICT, I encourage you to consider participating in an ICT competition,” he said. It may be an excellent opportunity to hone your talents, obtain significant experience, and earn worldwide visibility.” In his remote message, Dr. Samuel Kifle, MoE state minister, complimented Huawei for providing Ethiopian students such international experience.

Mr. Liming Ye, Huawei Ethiopia’s PR director, also stated that ICT competitions typically cover a wide range of ICT topics, so participants will have the opportunity to learn about new technologies and concepts. They will also get hands-on experience with these technologies, which will help them develop their practical skills.

He also claimed that an ICT competition may provide students with essential experience in problem-solving, teamwork, confidence building, improved exposure, and project management. They will also learn how to successfully express their ideas, which is a crucial ability for any professional. He also stated that Huawei, as an IT company, should continue to make similar efforts in order to maintain its social commitment.

Students from the competition stated that it provided them with new experiences and that visiting Huawei’s headquarters, which is a technology center, inspired them with new motivation. Tibebu Kaleb, one of the students who travelled to China for the global competition, noted in the event that the contest provided him with the opportunity to compete with students from other countries, and he also claimed that he received a job offer from Huawei Ethiopia.

Background: The Huawei ICT Competition 2022–2023 was launched on November 11, 2022, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. By the time more than 1500 students from Ethiopian universities registered and took the online preliminary exam, among them, 63 of the students were able to attend the national ICT competition, which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on December 28, 2022. A total of 18 students who aced the national exam competed in the regional competition within Africa. Out of 18 students, nine won the third prize in the 7th Huawei ICT Competition Global Final, which took place in Shenzhen, China, from May 24 to May 28, 2023. Huawei awarded today these 18 students.

The Huawei ICT Competition is an annual competition that aims to drive the development of high-quality ICT talent, select qualified talent for the industry, continuously provide future driving forces and active participants for digital transformation, promote efficient mapping of talent supply and demand, and further contribute to a sustainable talent ecosystem.

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