Kacha Digital Financial Services S.C Partners with Banks to Launch Non-Collateral Digital Lending Services.

Kacha Digital Financial Services S.C, a trailblazer in the digital financial service, has solidified its collaboration with multiple banks through an informative digital lending service workshop and formal agreement signing ceremony.

Kacha Digital Financial Services S.C hosted an impactful workshop on digital lending. This event marked a pivotal juncture in Kacha’s journey, coinciding with its recent authorization by the National Bank of Ethiopia to operate as the premier private payment instrument issuer.
The workshop was attended by esteemed representatives from the National Bank of Ethiopia, senior figures from public and private banks, microfinance institutions, and experts from the financial sector. This gathering resonated with the National Bank of Ethiopia’s monetary policy for the year, emphasizing the significance of digitally accessible short term small loans in fostering the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, thereby promoting equitable economic progress.

Concurrently, an agreement was inked with NIB International Bank and Global Bank Ethiopia. This agreement sets the stage for a revolutionary non-collateral digital lending service, aimed at extending financial access to underserved segments of society. The partnership also envisages collaboration in international remittance services over a five-year horizon.
Kacha’s journey commenced with a license on pilot basis granted in June 2022, followed by comprehensive pilot period spanning mobile money and other financial services via multiple platforms. Approval from the National Bank of Ethiopia for full-scale operations followed successful collaborations with LendTech Investment Holdings Pte Ltd, (trading as ezra ) a globally reputable technology provider in digital and mobile financial service operating in more than 24 countries.

Ezra being globally reputable technology provider in digital and mobile financial service operating in more than 24 countries, it will be Kacha’s technology partner and exclusively cater the Ethiopian market through the partnership with Kacha.
CEO of Kacha, Abraham Tilahun, underscored the transformative potential of digital lending in empowering individuals and businesses, contributing to economic growth and financial inclusion. The workshop also facilitated discussions on Kacha’s role within the national digital payment strategy, involving the promotion of digital financial services in collaboration with conventional financial institutions under the aegis of the National Bank of Ethiopia.
Abraham Tilahun further affirmed, “Our alliance with NIB International Bank and Global Bank Ethiopia, serving a combined customer base exceeding 4 million, aligns with the National Bank’s initiatives to combat inflation. This partnership extends the reach of financial inclusion and makes credit services accessible to the mainstream economy.”

Abreham Tesfaye, Vice President for Strategy & Marketing at NIB International Bank, stated, “Our extensive experience, regulatory frameworks, and deep understanding of the industry position us well to collaborate with Kacha. By integrating our established practices with Kacha’s innovative digital financial services, we aim to open new avenues of opportunity for Ethiopians and address their financial needs.”
Sahilemichael Mekonen, Chief Retail Banking Officer at the recently rebranded Global Bank of Ethiopia (formerly Debub Global Bank), added, “Today’s partnership aligns seamlessly with our unique five-year strategic plan. Through digitally accessible small loans and innovative remittance services, we are committed to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individuals contributing to the sustainable development of our nation.”
Kacha Digital Financial Services S.C’s collaboration with banks marks a significant stride toward a future of inclusive finance, where digital lending will play a pivotal role in driving inclusive economic growth and prosperity.

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