Zemen Bank, MasterCard Joined Forces in launching MPGS payment gateway.

March 29, 2022/ Abyssinia Business Network

Zemen bank has partnered with Mastercard to introduce the first ever MasterCard MPGS in Ethiopia. The MPGS is touted to be the leading solution to facilitate E-commerce and online payments. Prior to this, Zemen Bank partnered with Mastercard to introduce the first contactless platinum prepaid card which was widely endorsed with the overseas travelling community of the bank.

In his statement, CEO of Zemen bank Dereje Zebene said that
“We are excited to launch today with MasterCard an advanced payment solution providing alternative methods for our merchants and businesses in various sectors to enhance shopping experiences of their customers. Our merchants will be able to access global markets through the payment platform. Leveraging valued partnerships like MasterCard, Zemen Bank is committed to Ethiopia’s digital 2025 strategy. With its new strategy soon to be implemented, Zemen Bank will continue to pioneer in introducing financial technologies to sustain its trademark of customer experience on the new digital platforms.”

Dereje Zebene Chief Executive Officer of Zemen Bank, raised that the Benefits of the platform include – but not limited to efficient online buying process, cost reduction, contactless (no personal interaction needed between buyer and seller), broaden customer base with flexible payment option and acceptance of debit, credit or prepaid cards of both MasterCard and VISA schemes. Airlines, Hotels, Travel and tour operators, Delivery service providers, Small and medium business enterprises (SME) will benefit from platform.

Zemen Bank payment platform combined with MPGS’ provide Zemen customers an ultimate payment choice that brings payments straight to where the customers are at their accessible digital payment mode. The service enables payments across variety of channels, including Web/e-commerce, Mail-order/Telephone-order, and Call center/IVR, Mobile/m-Commerce.

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