Born in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, producer, director and actress Amleset Muchie is the founder for Maya Film Production. At the start of her career, she studied journalism then went to USA and attended the New York Film Academy for two years, where she studied directing, writing and short acting classes.

She was inspired to work in the film industry when she was younger. She was drawn to drama, romance drama, and comedy films. Watching such films while growing up inspired her to pursue a career in acting. Reading books such as “Fiker eske mekaber” and “Sememen” was also motivating factor to embark on her current career. The telling of stories in such books played a role in the development of her career.

She has received numerous international awards for her spectacular film ‘Min Alesh.’ She received a platinum award from the Best Actor Award in New York 2020 in the category of Best Actress in a Drama for her performance in ‘min alesh.’ Another award she received for this film was the Audience Award at the African Film Festival.

“Min Alesh” is one of the most successful Ethiopian films to reach an international audience. Amleset Muchie directed and acted in the film. It’s been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, and a few other languages. It has been shown at a number of film festivals. It will soon be shown at film festivals in Sweden and Britain. It has received numerous audience awards.

She entered the film industry at such a young age. By the time she entered the industry, knowledge and ideas for films were not widely disseminated in the community. “It is our responsibility as professionals in the film industry to help it grow.” Amleset says.

“Film professionals should invest their time and money in producing Ethiopian-based films in order to achieve their desired goals of gaining more audiences.”

“Because the consequences are greater, it is preferable for people who lack basic knowledge in the film profession not to enter the business in the first place. Discipline and commitment in the profession comes from an initial understanding of the business.” Says Amleset.

Film school is one of the most important areas that should be prioritized and worked on. Quality education in the film industry will prepare those who are interested in the field to be well-versed. Professional deliberate actions based on knowledge will always produce better results. As a result, a high-quality film school can play a significant role in the industry’s growth.

Many of the current acting roles are not based on Ethiopian culture, but rather on western culture. This is one of the factors holding back the Ethiopian film industry. It is also one of the most significant factors that confuses both the audience and industry professionals. The characters who try to imitate Western styles and culture emotionally separate the audience from the story. However, if the characters created are based on Ethiopian values and culture, a larger audience can be attracted, and the industry can improve.

The reason the film industry is not providing for the economy is that the professionals themselves are not producing works that are suitable for the audience. The solution to this problem is for each professional in the film industry to perform to the best of their abilities while remaining committed and disciplined.

The actress elaborates that every professional in the film industry, regardless of position, should respect each other’s roles. This is one of the most important factors that can contribute to the sector’s discipline and commitment. Excellence in work plays a huge role in producing quality work while also improving the film industry, which in turn improves its economy.

“If various professionals in various fields financially and morally support each other, the film industry can grow tremendously. Teamwork is essential for better film production.”

When the Ethiopian film industry is viewed internationally, it is still in its infancy. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. Rather than comparing Ethiopian films to those of other countries, working to improve previous works at every stage of film production can make a difference.

Ethiopia’s gifts in nature, culture, and history can be used to advance the film industry in a variety of ways. Audiences may be drawn in this direction as a result of building a stronger economy. “Entertainment is like a backbone for a country’s economy. The film industry has the potential to significantly improve the Ethiopian economy. As a result, government support is ideal for this outcome,” Amleset addresses.

Ethiopian moviegoers are becoming more interested in western and international films. Basic requirements for a particular film should be met in order to win over the audience. For example, better picture and sound quality, a better story that connects human interest, and a better story flow. Amleset goes on to say that if a film has these basic elements, there is no reason why it won’t reach a larger audience.

“The business has many skilled professionals, but they lack financial support. On the other hand, if various professionals in various fields financially and morally support each other, the film industry can grow tremendously. Teamwork is essential for better film production.” Amleset says

Maya film production is one of the hopes for a better Ethiopian film industry. It’s one of a kind, consisting of ten best directors and writers in order to create the best films. There will be a movie distribution platform called ‘Mayaflix’ as part of the work in Maya Film Production. For it to work, a software app is being developed. As a result, audiences can easily subscribe to have access to a variety of wonderful movies.

The platform not only features Ethiopian films, but also films from other African countries. Now, ten films are being produced with a standard to fit the audience. This platform aims to produce at least 50 Ethiopian films per year. Maya Film Production practices teamwork in various professions, which is hoped to shape the future for the film industry.

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