CANAL+ is a major international Pay TV player operating in 40 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. CANAL+ produces more than 60 in-house channels and distributes an unrivalled set of local and international channels through different formulas.

For more than 30 years, CANAL+ has built up its success by proving its ability to design Pay TV platform to local cultures and languages.

Alongside with its local Ethiopian partner, BRUH ENTERTAINMENT Plc of Mr Teodros ABRAHAM, they have created a dedicated offer, accessible to all Ethiopians: CANAL+ETHIOPIA.

At the time of launch, CANAL+ ETHIOPIA includes 9 in-house 100% Amharic speaking channels to enjoy the best of entertainment. CANAL+ CINEMA 1, and 2 with the best of Ethiopian movies, CANAL+ DIK DIK, CANAL+ JUMBO for the kids, CANAL+ DISCOVER, CANAL+ NOVELA 1 and 2, CANAL+ SPORT, and CANAL+ GEBETA. These nine channels are tailor-made for the Ethiopian audience’s needs and interests. Now the inhouse channels reached to 14 in Amharic and Afan Oromo.

In addition, CANAL+ETHIOPIA offers a large number of Ethiopian TV channels and radios with a perfect and highly qualitative HD satellite broadcast (amongst which : EBS, OBS, KANA, FANA TV, ETV LANGUAGES, NAHOO, ETV NEWS, AMHARA TV,

ETV MEZENGNA, ASHAM, AMN & T.V.9 …) and is also displaying a rich offer of international channels.

CANAL+ETHIOPIA is available via 2 levels of packages at monthly prices designed to be affordable to a wide part of the Ethiopian families Desta ETB 250 and Feshta ETB 500.

Out of 14 inhouse channels, 10 of them are in Amharic and 4 are in Oromiffa. i.e

  • CANAL+ CINEMA 1 …   Broad cast old Amharic movies
  • CANAL+ CINEMA 2 …   recent movies which were broadcasted on Cinema
  • CANAL+ JUMBO …….   An edutainment movie for kids from 6 -9
  • CANAL+ DIK DIK ……..  An edutainment movie for kids from 3 – 6
  • CANAL+ DISCOVER …. Broadcast discovery movies and crime investigation in Amharic
  • CANAL+ NOVELA 1 …… Latin America movies dubbed in Amharic
  • CANAL+ NOVELA 2 ……  Turk Movies dubbed in Amharic
  • CANAL+ SPORT ……  Which broadcast League one, Bundesliga and MBA.
  • CANAL+ GEBETA ….  Broadcast international cooking show in Amharic
  • CANAL+ ACTION  ….. Broadcast Hollywood movies in Amharic
  • CANAL+ JAAMBOO……An edutainment movie for kids from 6 -9 budded in Afan Oromo.
  • CANAL+  XOBBEE …….. An edutainment movie for kids from 3 – 6 budded in Afan Oromo.
  • CANAL+ DISKOOVER…Broadcast discovery movies and crime investigation in Afan Oromo
  • CANAL+ DHANGAA …. Broadcast international cooking show in Afan Oromo

As promised at the time of the launch, the company keeps adding additional channels which fits for the whole family. This makes our company everyone choice who are looking entertainment  with language options.

We are please to announce that we have additional channels and program in to our platform.

  • Starting from tomorrow, Nov 16, 2022 , Special Ethiopian traditional cooking show “Lemat”  will be broadcasted on CANAL+ GEBETA hosted by the famous Chef Yonas.
  • A sitcom series drama “Tekerayochu” which is about young people living together sharing the a house and straggling everyday which will be broadcasted soon on CANAL+ CINEMA 1.
  • FTA channels (OBN, HORN TV, Welayta TV) added in to our platform based on our customers request.
  • We are pleased to announce that starting from Nov 15, 2022, for  limited time, we are offering Decoder, Dish with all the accessories, Free installation, one month Feshta Package and 500 gift package with only 1000 birr.             

CANAL+ An Entertainment for whole family


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