A training aimed to boost Huawei ICT Academy instructors’ skills has kicked off.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, July 18, 2022: The company organized a training for Huawei ICT academy instructors from July 18th to July 29th in Addis Ababa aiming to boost the instructors’ ICT teaching skills. In order to bridge the talent gap and boost the ICT industry’s development, Huawei has teamed up with 44 Ethiopian universities to bridge the talent gap and close the distance between ICT theory and application.

Attendees from nine public universities are taking part in this first round of training, and at the end, they will be expected to certify and teach onsite at their university.

Huawei established ICT academies in those universities to provide access to the most recent ICT technologies and knowledge for students interested in joining and attending online and offline courses. It focuses on datacom, security, storage, 5G, artificial intelligence, WLAN, LTE transmission, data center, big data, and other areas.

In Ethiopia there are over 1,200 certified professionals and currently over 4,600 students are active and attending online and onsite classes.  During the recruitment, students who have received certification from the ICT academy are given an advantage. The company will continue to bring innovative ICT solutions to Ethiopia, actively promote the development of the country’s ICT industry, and collaborate with local partners to create a more comprehensive ICT talent ecosystem.

About the Huawei ICT Academy

Huawei ICT Academy is a non-profit partnership program that authorizes global universities and colleges to deliver industry-recognized Huawei Certification courses to students. This program acts as a bridge between enterprises and academies to build a talent eco-system for the ICT industry. It has been designed to deliver industry-standard training and certification courses required by employers. Access to these courses will prepare students with the latest and practical skills to work in the ICT industry, making them more employable and helping them kick start their careers.

Huawei shares comprehensive, cutting-edge ICT technologies with universities worldwide through the Huawei ICT Academy, a partnership project between Huawei and universities that aims to cultivate new ICT talent. The company established ICT academies with 1,971 universities worldwide and provided over 170,000 certifications to university students.

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